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Compliance Automation Software Tailored for DSOs and Their Practices

We Simplify Your Complex Compliance Challenges!

Being dental compliance specialists, we build custom healthcare compliance software solutions for growing DSOs and their practices to achieve and maintain regulatory compliance.

Solutions Spotlight

Why Choose Our Custom Compliance Automation Software?

Customized Services

Our dental compliance program are specifically tailor our custom dental compliance software to match your practice’s workflow.


Our flexible solution is built on Salesforce, enabling you to access your quality data anywhere in the world securely.

Scale with Ease

Our dental compliance specialists enable you to manage growing needs for audit management to meet compliance and quality goals in a capable way.

User-Friendly Interface

Connect, analyze, share, and transform your quality data with ease. Our compilation automation software is a fully responsive and easy to use web-based solution.


Identify Revenue

Evaluate your financial impact with our healthcare compliance management software. Minimize denials in missed revenue with extensive reporting and analytics tools.

Affordable for Everyone

Smart compliance automation delivered at affordable prices. We specifically designed healthcare compliance management software to address all your practice’s needs, at any budget.


Comply with the Industry Standards

Our Custom Compliance Automation Software complies with industry-specific regulatory compliance standards, guidelines, and frameworks. Our dental compliance specialists can work with different data exchange standards, such as HL7, DICOM, and PACS for medical images, C-CDA for clinical document architecture and many others.


IT Compliance Automation Development

Customization is at the core of our compliance automation. It allows our teams to manage data, conduct advanced analysis, and uncover insights. 

 Our Custom Compliance Automation Software solutions scale across DSOs and their practices to streamline and automate IT compliance automation workflows so that data can be kept in a central repository. Our Custom Compliance Automation Software will integrate directly with your practice’s existing software, including ERP, CRM, and CMS.

Compliance Is Complex

Make It Seamless With our Dental Compliance Software

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act encourages all DSOs and its practices to implement a compliance program. But the complexities of creating and managing compliance for multiple dental practices can be overwhelming. We also provide practice compliance solutions for managing audits, gathering and storing reports, and assessing your practices’ risks.

Meet our custom healthcare compliance software that helps to ensure your practice’s compliance, even when audited.

Go Beyond Compliance with Our healthcare compliance software :

Intuitive dental compliance program is our specialty. We track existing and upcoming regulations and assess the impact on your practices, processes, and technology. Our expert dental compliance specialists also provides the services you need to implement changes that help your practice stay in compliance and to drive your practices’ effortless flow and development. The result? Your practices’ system and practice compliance solutions are ready to in case of an audit.

We’re here to help you meet all of your compliance goals.

Features of Our Custom Compliance Automation Software

Being dental compliance specialists ensure your practice is compliant and will deliver timely, accurate results. By leveraging our unique healthcare compliance software, you can save and optimize what matters most: time and money. Our features include:

Auto Auditing System

  • Single Location Audit System
  • Multiple Location Audit System
  • Multiple Providers Audit System
  • Generalized Audit Report
    a) Monthly Report
    b) Yearly Report
    c) Month to Date Report
    d) Year to Date Report
    e) Yesterday Report
    f) Multiple Locations with Multiple Provider  Audit System
    g) Sending an automatic report through mail

Compliance – We Keep It Automated

Our custom healthcare compliance software manages end-to-end audit lifecycle and compliance for growing DSOs and their practices. Our dental compliance specialists design and oversee the audit to reduce the administrative burden placed on client teams while enhancing derived value.

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